Born in 1953 in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Applied Arts. Member of the Designer Union of Russia and Moscow Artistic Union "Metropolis" and the award winner of the international competition "Architecture and Design - New Unity" .


Various paintings were acquired for private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Poland and Russia.


I create certain color combinations and color forms in my paintings. I do not set the recognition of the subject as my goal. My paintings embody the connection between the colors of the earth and the weightlessness of space. The essence of my paintings for me is the form, the color, the line, the texture, the composition and the action.


Abstraction provides me with the freedom of interpretation, it does not require unambiguous understanding, but helps to release the mind instead. Abstractionism attracts me also by the fact that in the course of creation of every painting, new horizons of composition and understanding of how the color functions open up for me.


My paintings are not a fixed structure, imposing a plot or a certain feeling. This is a pure art, which allows me to express my emotions and evoke emotions in others, similar to music. In my paintings I use the power of color. While creating my pieces, I put my inner state into it, inviting to a dialogue with the inner self. Everyone finds a response in their inner world to a sign or symbol. It is the personal emotional experiences that enriches a person and reveals the unknown sides of the soul.


I invite the spectator to enter the painting and to discover what is inside.