Metropolis Creative Space Moscow2019
Alpert Gallery
Autumn Color Circle Dance Moscow2019
Tushino gallery
Do not Cross the Skyline, Moscow2019
Art Play
Art Nordic, Copenhagen, 2019
Architecture and Design, Moscow 2019
Moscow Institute of Architecture
I Colori Senza Frontiere Venice2019
Art Studio Loreta Larkina
Rock'n'Roll Time, Moscow, 2019
Central House of Artists
Art Shopping 22 edition, Paris, 2018
Art Galerie Monod, Paris, 2018
Art Galerie Mona Lisa, Paris, 2018
Sybarite's Сook Book, Moscow, 2018
Artist Cafe
Open Doors, Moscow, 2018
Central House of Artists
La Dolce Vita, NY, 2018
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
No Value Named, Moscow, 2018
Because it's Music, Moscow, 2018
Kashirka gallery
Art Galerie Monod, Paris, 2017
Galerie du Colombier, Paris, 2017
Art Shopping 21 edition, Paris, 2017
Abstract on Concrete, Moscow, 2017
Kashirka gallery
Lines of the Horisont, Moscow, 2017
Central House of Artists
Art Shopping 20 edition, Paris, 2017
Galerie du Colombiere, Paris, 2017
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Sybarite's Сook Book, Moscow, 2018

Artist Cafe